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The Royal Wedding

I remember in 1981, when I got up very early while it was still dark.  I wanted to see Lady Diana Spencer marry Prince Charles.  It was a wonderful courtship and the wedding did not disappoint us.  I was a young bride myself at the time.  We watched them have children together, heirs to the throne.  It was a beautiful thing.  The Queen could see life, and her mother was still alive too.  It is fun to see your bloodline thrive. 

The Monarchy has a place in history and it helped early man survive and evolve.  The Monarchy still has a place in this world in the hearts of its’ people.  Diana became the Peoples Princess as an honor we bestowed upon her from our hearts.  Her death brought it out in all of us, and we truly mourned together as a world.  She was always my friend, and truly my hero too.  Her heart was as beautiful as her eyes.  Her eyes, and that shy Di look she had with her sweet smile.  No wonder Elton John loved her so, that his heart cold pour out his song at a time my heart was crying.  And her poor sons.  Those boys we loved so much.  Mummy.

As it turns out Charles stepped up and did the best he could.  The boys have thrived and done well.  With William about to marry, and Harry as his bestman, my heart sings with Diana, as her ring adorns Kate in a terrific day!  I’ll get up early again, and I celebrate all around the world with a much needed hug from our hearts. 

America was part of that group before we broke away.  George Washington was brilliant when he did NOT become a King, but a President instead.  We took all that good old English and European knowledge, and created something we called the United States of America.  It was different.  And we the people, with good hearts continue to have hope for a brighter future.  Mothers are kinder than Fathers, and our connection to Mother Earth and the globe is real.  We do know that now, “Go World!” is a true statement.  We are all part of Mankind.  I hope we can find that kindness again.  It’s so easy to just be mad, and stay mad.  Leadership with vision is the key.  At least with the Monarchy we have hind sight, and we can see many bloodlines.  Seeing the past with a new perspective can help you make better choices for the future.

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