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Through the miracle of childbirth, a woman learns a lot about her body. When she holds that baby, there is so much she doesn’t know. She must have faith and a good mother to make it work! We are a lucky generation to keep our mothers our whole lives.

In life you are dealt many cards, and your body is one of them. You are who you are, without judgment, we only look at your truth. Who are you? What are you about? What are your habits and your behaviors? Our mind has a lot to do with our body. Our beliefs and values system sets many of our defaults for our physical body.

You must know yourself well and keep in touch with your own body. Keep your own records on your health, and that of your family. You need to manage your own health care, and not expect a medical system to simply take care of you.

A mothers intuition is a valuable asset in any home. Your “gut hunch” is a powerful tool, and one you should listen to. Your ability to be “aware” and pick up subtle clues is a gift you received with your female gender!

Women feel best when they can “feather their nest.” When home is a safe place, and one that encourages relationships, the family is nurtured.

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