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Your Patriot Card confirms your identity and allows you to move quickly through life.  It helps confirm your Voters ID, and allows you to invest in America.  It helps us confirm census data, and allows you to log volunteer hours.  It helps our people travel more freely and with confidence.  It’s good to know that you’re a part of social security and medicare.  These are the safety net in our society to be sure everyone participates.

This system allows you to acknowledge your mortgage, so that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the lending industry can remain solvent.  It helps prevent identity theft through a secure system of checks and balances.

Your character is a valuable asset, and your ability to maintain it is to your credit.  Our system has rules and boundaries so that we can all live together.  The Patriot Card helps assure you are known.

1 thought on “Civics”

  1. You already offer up all your information. You only think you can still be invisible. We are all in this together! Jesus put the “kind” in mankind, because Man isn’t really very kind! God was here well before Jesus, and we cannot forget the Universe still calls us to participate in life.

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