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Mom could fix this!

Okay! I just figured out what we need to do to fix this mess we are in. I stand by my advice I gave in October 2008 when I wrote the Teddy Roosevelt article and posted it at http://allamericanmom.org/civics/teddy-roosevelt/ Congress needs to go home, get in touch with their state and come back the middle of January for the New Go World model.  The real solution is found at local levels with Mayors, Communities and local economies.   We hit the top in 2000. America had done a good job building the democracy we desired. People could own land here. The artists and small business people could abound. Families could be built and nurtured. You could be proud of your heritage, and what I like to call your DNA.

It’s important to travel, be exposed to new ideas and things. You can’t legislate integrity. Character and values do matter. Your signature does count for something. When John Hancock took that big stroke, he knew he was taking a risk. He was willing to live and die for his signature, and what that stood for.  So were the rest of those men that signed along with them. But they all had wives, and we helped our mates make this country great. We actually know how to fix it now too.

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