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The talents of Thomas Jefferson

Wisdom from our forefathers…  How was it that so many of our Congressmen had a difference in opinion, but believed in the same principles?  The principle of capitalism needs to remain alive and well in America.  Our grandfathers knew that necessity was the mother of invention, and they went to work to create!  America is the land of creativity!  We nurtured the arts and the creative talents that made America the land of inventions.

We need to be creative again in a big way!   Things actually can be made in America still, and we know a lot about marketing.  Keeping your local economy working is better than having one big FEDERAL economy.  50 different states that come together to create on United States of America.  Each state has a little different flavor and color that makes the melting pot of America more flavorful and delicious.  We don’t need one big country that all looks the same. 

America was founded on the principle “We the People in order to form a more perfect Union!  Not under the premise We the Government in order to form more perfect People!”

Thomas Jefferson got it right when he said that “Every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle.”  What can we agree on?

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