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Are you ready to travel?

We just got our new US Passport in the mail, and it is beautiful.  I’ve had a passport since I was 13, and it made me feel like a global citizen.  When I traveled in Europe the blue USA Passport was like traveling on the “gold card.”  You were treated well, and they knew we were a secure nation of good people.  Europe wanted our travelers there!  Many of us had DNA roots in Europe.  Back in that day we checked “white” on the paperwork and forms.  Today I’m a EuroAmerican! 

The new Passport ID Cards are very good too.  This is the card that should be used for voting.  It’s valid ID and the technology is state of the art. 

It’s time for Americans to see America again.  Visit a National Park.  Learn history first hand at Williamsburg.  That is an experience everyone should get to do at least once in their lifetime!  It is a terrific opportunity to step back in time.

Make a family memory and take a road trip!  You’ll never regret it.  Maybe you’ll find someplace else you want to try living for a spell.  America has a lot to offer.

Visit the web site for the Western Travel Initiative.  It is well done.

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