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A Sweet 2016!

Life centers around We The People
Life centers around We The People

16 years ago, we were worried that all the computer programs with a two digit date field might crash as we entered the year 2000. We called it Y2K, and it was a strategy across America to fix the glitches in any and all systems, so we would glide into the new Century with style. We were all a little anxious, but we sailed into the New Year with barely a bobble.

Americans love a challenge, to pull together for the common good of our community, our teams, and our States! We are 50 United States, and some territories too, with flavors and character that make us unique. We didn’t want one big Federal System driving us, except where we need help as a Country to take on the big issues and infrastructure. We all pull together for the cause of the whole. It was Abraham Lincoln who fought for the United States, that we would all pull together for economic good of the Country. The 1864 battles, and the 1964 battles only remind me how slowly mankind became kind.

In 1764 things were pretty tumultuous too. I can only imagine that 2064 will be facing tough issues if we don’t work together now to create the future we want our children to live in.

Happy New Year 2016! Let’s pull together with Integrity and Character as Americans to lead this world to a kinder future. We bring knowledge, science and compassion to the people with healthcare for everyone, even if we can’t afford it.

I lost faith when Congress couldn’t pass a budget for 4 straight years, and Nancy Pelosi said “Pass the law, and you can read it.” It was just un-American, and not the way we do things in this Country.

I’ve spent years learning the PPACA and I’ve seen it be helpful to many people. I just don’t like the tax credits, and the way the system leans toward MediCaid as a means for Universal Care. Every State must address their needy – with housing, health care and compassion. How can we let people live cheaper? There are so many ways. We need to stop writing regulations and laws, and let the six degrees of separation work as Capitalism and Entrepreneurial Spirit abounds in America. When you throw up a brick wall, it can disrupt the natural flow of the money. Things dry up.

Where do values come from? Your grandparents! Christmas is a perfect example of “who you are” and what your traditions mean to you and your DNA. You pass on your traditions to your children.

Let’s ring in the New Year of 2016 with a commitment to work together, with a “can do” attitude, and a willingness to stop yelling. Let’s make it a Sweet 16!

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