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Happy Birthday Grandma!

1893 was a great year to be born.


Today marks the 123rd birthday of my Grandma Shaw. She was a dear person in my life growing up, alongside Grandpa Shaw, they led our extended family. Aunts, Uncles and Cousins shared the holiday tables as we celebrated Christmas together when we could.

Grandma and Grandpa led by example. They shared their values and opinions and weren’t always politically correct by todays standards. But we loved them. We respected them and honored their beliefs and values, in the choices we made as grandchildren. You knew you didn’t want them to disapprove of your choices! It was fun to make them proud of you.

Their generation saw us go from horse and buggy, to the man on the moon. They came from agriculture and farming backgrounds, to live the city life of convenience. They were a talented generation who could do many things, and had! Grandma could make the wood cook stove fire and make a fabulous breakfast for the family at the beach cabin. I depended on her knowledge and marveled when she created homemade soap. Why make it when you can buy it?

gm2She was an ecologist in her every behavior, before it was a word we all adopted as a way of life. She was a gardener, and valued the Earth with respect and honor. She could play the piano and sing, and knew it was important for all the grandkids to play the piano too. Or at least attempt to learn to read music and play the keys. If you practiced, you could get out of doing the dishes!

Growing up as a child in a big family was the best. We all shared resources and traditions and could learn from the mistakes of others, so we didn’t have to make them all ourselves. I’m so grateful to have grown up in America when our pride and commitment to Capitalism and the Entrepreneurial Spirit of America drove us to be better people, not bitter people. Are we willing to thrive in 2025? We better be! Working together in our communities, and our States we can address the issues much better as 50 United States than one big Federal System. Let’s remember that as we look forward to a Sweet 2016!

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