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Willing to Thrive in 2025!


AMERICA represented dreams and opportunity, where a man and a woman could succeed together, regardless of who their parents were. Prejudice existed, but it was set aside as capitalism and opportunity abounded. We connected the country with States, each with a Governor and a set of values and beliefs. We overcame slavery, and empowered every man and woman with the right to vote, and have representation.

Our brave fore fathers laid a foundation upon which we built. Not a Monarchy with a King, but a democracy, with a President, and three branches of power, to help balance the power. Federal powers and State powers were part of the design.

We expanded transportation, communication, sanitation and helped mankind thrive and grow. One of our core values of America is freedom of religion, to raise up our family with integrity and character fit for our DNA. We continue the birth line and carry the flag for those that came before us. We live with purpose and a relationship with God, and his son Jesus. A freedom to believe, have faith, and carry on. Each one of us mattered. This was the American Dream.

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