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On behalf of the “Working Girls”

Life has never been easy, and when you were born as a woman you were already relinquished to the bottom half of society. Abigail Adams, wife of President John Adams reminded her husband not to forget the women when they were setting up the United States of America. We gave black men the vote in 1870 and it was another 50 years before the 19th Amendment, and its two sentences: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall […]

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Celebrating Teddy Roosevelt

Could everyone remain calm please? As a financial counselor, I’m helping a lot of people deal with their fears and anxiety. Take a deep breath. The good old US of A is still good to go. Stay in the game. If we could all celebrate the birthday of Theodore Roosevelt this month it might help! October 27, 1858 he was born in New York to a wealthy family and educated at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His father died of cancer when he was 20, and a short time later he met Alice Lee. They married in 1880. In 1881

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Solutions for America

Be an American! Celebrate your Citizenship. Be a part of this great Country. Learning about America makes you a better American. If you were born here, then you are a citizen. It’s not something you should take lightly. Your ancestors earned you the right to be born here, and your name, and your DNA matter. Your genealogy in your family is part of your family pride. You had parents, and grandparents, and great grandparents who together, built us this great, kind, loving Nation. Together, as a society, we live by a code that governs our people. We help our leaders,

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Should We Have a Patriot Card?

Your Patriot Card confirms your identity and allows you to move quickly through life.  It helps confirm your Voters ID, and allows you to invest in America.  It helps us confirm census data, and allows you to log volunteer hours.  It helps our people travel more freely and with confidence.  It’s good to know that you’re a part of social security and medicare.  These are the safety net in our society to be sure everyone participates. This system allows you to acknowledge your mortgage, so that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the lending industry can remain solvent.  It helps prevent

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Family, Community and Your Neighborhood

It’s a New Year in America, and we need to look ahead. A long ways ahead, and then it helps us know what to do today. Everyone agrees that in America, pursuit of Happiness is the right of the individual. Your dad didn’t have to be a King or other Monarch for you to rise to the top in America. Anything was possible, even the impossible! Your family values were backed up by your family integrity, and your grandparents helped you understand who you were. You had shame and humiliation to help back up those family values. If you couldn’t

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Willing to Thrive in 2025!

It isn’t enough to just get by in America. This is where a family can grow and thrive, and benefit from the kindness that America brings to the dinner table. With VELOCITY of money, the economy thrives because money keeps moving through the local economy. You can’t “not spend” your way out of a recession. We all must support the local business in town, if you want it to be there for you. America is where the focus is on the family, values, and integrity to keep the system running. Our local government needs to have integrity and character to

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Planned Giving Summer Thoughts

“In matters of fashion, sway with the times, but in matters of principles we must stand fast.” If you are lucky enough to have Pioneer DNA, then you come from hearty stock. The weak ones never started the journey, and many of the strong ones didn’t make it either due to a variety of circumstances. Are you lucky enough to be able to trace your line back to the Pioneers? Do you feel like you have a better feeling for life in the 1850’s because of the work you’ve done studying history? We saw transportation and communication change the world

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Happy Birthday Grandma!

1893 was a great year to be born. Today marks the 123rd birthday of my Grandma Shaw. She was a dear person in my life growing up, alongside Grandpa Shaw, they led our extended family. Aunts, Uncles and Cousins shared the holiday tables as we celebrated Christmas together when we could. Grandma and Grandpa led by example. They shared their values and opinions and weren’t always politically correct by todays standards. But we loved them. We respected them and honored their beliefs and values, in the choices we made as grandchildren. You knew you didn’t want them to disapprove of

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A Sweet 2016!

16 years ago, we were worried that all the computer programs with a two digit date field might crash as we entered the year 2000. We called it Y2K, and it was a strategy across America to fix the glitches in any and all systems, so we would glide into the new Century with style. We were all a little anxious, but we sailed into the New Year with barely a bobble. Americans love a challenge, to pull together for the common good of our community, our teams, and our States! We are 50 United States, and some territories too,

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Willing to Thrive in 2025!

AMERICA represented dreams and opportunity, where a man and a woman could succeed together, regardless of who their parents were. Prejudice existed, but it was set aside as capitalism and opportunity abounded. We connected the country with States, each with a Governor and a set of values and beliefs. We overcame slavery, and empowered every man and woman with the right to vote, and have representation. Our brave fore fathers laid a foundation upon which we built. Not a Monarchy with a King, but a democracy, with a President, and three branches of power, to help balance the power. Federal

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