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Affordable Care Act…Are your income taxes up to date?

I can help you figure out the U.S. health insurance maze.  There are a lot of changes happening right now, as we implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Let me first say that health care is expensive.  One way to make it more affordable is to keep everyone well so they don’t get sick!  We try to do more with preventive measures now, so that you are inspired to take better care of yourself and maybe need less care in the long run.

It is scary to think that a typical health insurance premium for a family of 4 is $1300 a month.  With the new mandated benefits for “free preventive services” as well as other essential coverage, it is safe to say that healthcare is more expensive, not more affordable, but hopefully we all care more and are healthier.

The government attempt to make it more affordable comes in the form of expanded services for those in low income and poverty through our Medi-Cal program, or the Federal Medicaid in many states.  Everyone who should be in those programs needs to be in them.

If you have affordable group insurance offered through your employer, you should take advantage of it.  If the employer requires you to pay more than 9.5% of your household income toward insurance premiums, then you may be eligible for financial assistance through Covered California.

To evaluate your needs for health insurance, we need to address these issues.

  1. How old are you and where do you live?  We look at your Date of Birth and zip code as part of the pricing structure.

  2. Do you have a family?  Who else needs insurance?

  3. What do you have now for coverage and how much does it cost?

  4. How do you like to get your health care services?

  5. Tell me a little about your health history and any diagnosis or ongoing conditions…

  6. Are you current with your Income Taxes, and without tax liens or back child support obligations?

  7. Pull out your tax return so we can review your past income figures and current income.

With those answers we can determine which direction you might want to go for coverage.

However, if you are behind in your income taxes or child support, this may not be for you.  Do you love the IRS now?  Just wait until they are the heavy in the enforcement of this new law.  If they give you a Tax Credit now, and then take it back later, how will you feel?  They didn’t make health care more affordable.  Just more of a challenge to understand.  Next time, let Congress read it before you pass it.  That’ s my take on it!


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