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We need lots of little economies, not one big federal one!

Your local community or municipality should be able to function profitably. Integrity and character matter in our leaders, and they should be accountable for the decisions they make. Especially if they are a public servant.

We can’t have “retirement plans” that are so rich that they break the bank. Especially if “We the People” are the bank!
It’s helpful when retirement funds own retirement communities. Leisure World concepts work really well, especially with the continuum of aging.

The schools and educational system are an asset of your community. Those assets can help shore up the financials of the community and be resources for the community. Education should be helping us make money, not just a huge expense and financial obligation of the community. With creative people and resources willing to invest in our communities, we can make municipalities profitable and productive.

The local communities do know how to take care of their own, and the community gardens and 2nd Harvest Food Banks know how to help people. It is the private sector that should be guiding the solutions not the federal mandates. It is the kindness of mankind that should inspire us.  

As people fail in this economy, we need to give them the opportunity to rise again.  When you have nothing left, and your unemployment runs out, you still need options.  There aren’t any $350 a month rentals out there.  We need to offer those people that have failed an opportunity to heal and stay in the sytem.  We need to help them with local options so they continue to be in the system, not a drain on the system.

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