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Ode to Wisconsin!

My DNA was in Wisconsin during the late 1880’s when my great grandparents left Europe and made their way to America. My own grandmother was born in Wassau in 1893 and grew up speaking German before English.

I think back to all the opinions my grandparents had, and even how narrow their minds appear now. My grandfather was never interested in being politically correct, and he felt confident we should all know what he thought. His lifetime had taught him many lessons, and as an old man he knew some things!

He knew that freedom meant others could not tell him what to think, what to do or how to do it. Independence meant he was in control. Stubborn? I think so.

As I watch Wisconsin from a distance, it is clear to me that those stubborn people still live there, and they aren’t interested in others telling them what to do or how to do it! Even if the smart business people who pay attention to the numbers and the books tell them the old ways just won’t work.

Unions played an important role in establishing fairness for the working man. Somewhere along the lines under funded pensions and over stated expectations created a perfect storm that blew into a big blow up!

Thomas Jefferson said that “Every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle.” I hope that people don’t just shout and be mad, but that real progress comes from understanding the problems and working together to find solutions that can work.


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