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Antique Easter Eggs

The natural beauty of each egg is amazing.

Grandma Shaw would help us make these lovely Easter eggs as her mother had done in the old country. It’s very easy, and you won’t believe how lovely they are.

1. Take a raw white egg
2. Take the brown skins from an onion.
3. Use a square piece of cloth large enough to hold the egg, about 8″ X 8″
Place the piece of cloth down first. Wrap the brown skins around the raw egg to cover it. Bring the corners of the cloth together and tie with a twistie tie.
Do a few more eggs.
Place the bundle of the egg in water and bring it slowly to a boil so it doesn’t crack the eggs.
Bring the eggs to a boil.
It only takes a while to have them be hard boiled.
Cool them down with cold water and unwrap them.
Save the fabric for next year!
You will LOVE these lovely organic antique Easter eggs!

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