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I voted today…

It is a relief to mail in my absentee ballot and feel empowered. I voted today. I took the time to understand the issues, and I participated.

I celebrated the 90th Anniversary of the Womens Suffrage movement this year. The 19th Amendment was added to our Constitution allowing citizens a right to vote regardless of their sex. Now women can vote too. We must be part of the solution. No one knows better than Mom, how a home should run. It’s the foundation of life; family. Mom and her happiness matter to the family.

I helped represent my children today, as I voted.  I worked to build a future that was fiscally responsible.  I hope that our leaders understand the importance of leading at the federal level.  States come together to form our Federal Government.  It has gotten too big.  The first ones to fix the system should be Congress.  Why do we allow them to govern a health care system, and a retirement system that they do not participate in?  They created this two tier system. 

Middle class families are the backbone of America.  I’m proud to be one.  All the years growing up we checked the box white.  Now I’m proud to consider it Euro-American.  We helped build this country, but I fear we have come to an end of our silent majority.  Or have we?  Mom’s?  Are you listening?  We have always been the working class in this country, and our mothers have worked hard to pave the way for us.  Let us not forget to think long term, and not only with what’s good for America, but what is good for the World!

Go World is the new normal, and we must learn to advocate for the future.  Mankind is fairly new to this Earth, and we can really take a look at the first 5,000 years.  Maybe we can look ahead 50 years and help guide our country to sound economic strategy.  Let us all work together with the benefits of technology that has made distance a lesser obstacle.  We know some things now.  Get out of our way and let us do some good, state by state.  Together as one larger economic strength as the United States of America.

In the same way Abraham Lincoln started the Pacific Railroad Act in 1862 and united this country with economics and commerce, congress helped take care of this country.  It funded bonds that helped build a railroad.  And we used land, acquired in the Louisiana Purchase and the Homestead Act helped develop America.  We financed ourselves with real assets.  And we paid ourselves back with cash flow from the progress.  It was a great idea. 

The solutions for America lie in areas as simple as TRANSPORTATION.  As an industry it can be huge.  My own love of history, and the Oregon Trail has brought me closer to my own personal DNA, and where my families have come from.  It has deepened my love of America, and for America.  I’ve shared that with my husband and our children.  I’ve helped my whole family love it more.  I grew from a sophomore in high school, loving history, into a History Loving Mom who has grown a passion for it! 

I hope I can share that with other women too, to empower us as a group.  Not just any woman can be a Mom.  It takes child birth for the most part, and that’s an experience you don’t forget!  It is special.  It helps you think long term, and be able to advocate for others.  That is the gift of nurturing mother brings to the table.  And for that, we say “thank you.”  I voted today.

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