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An election hangover…

It amazed me to listen to the commentators call elections with only 27% of the votes counted. Do we really need the tally before it is done? Are we that impatient as a whole? “They” start to call the race before it is done, and hope the opponent will conceded. I don’t think so.

Newspapers and writers have always carried weight and influence. Mark Twain proved the point for me with all his writings, reportings, observations and travels.

Even the 1937 law surrounding hemp, and what good newspaper it made, allowed old man William Randolph Hearst to take a stand against hemp in order to corner the newspaper market. It is interesting to watch society sit in judgement over issues, and draw a line. What I know for sure is that the layers of government oversight and regulations, and taxation are unintended consequences of the legalization of marijuana.

I recall a song about smoking pot in the days of a $10 baggie of homegrown weed. “It’s like taking a trip without leaving the farm.” Too many people are depressed these days, and think they need prescriptions to help. It’s true, the world is overwhelming. But every generation wants to feel different. At least with organic choices, we avoid so much damage of experimentation and youthful tomfoolery.

We need Ronald Reagan and his “nice words” as he encouraged people and business to get to work. Not all the mean and ugly words of the elections and politicians these days. The US Congress has set up a system they want to control, but then they aren’t even included in health care or social security. How have we let that happen?

It is the “pensions” that cost the system more than it can produce. There are ways to address it, but first we must embrace it.
Face it. Embrace it. Then you can erase it.

We can take down the signs now. Stop the ads and phone calls. Vent some of our frustrations and look forward to Thanksgiving now. It’s kind of funny to look around you and see how many Americans really were part of the pilgrims DNA. We’re a mixed bunch these days in the old melting pot. We had better keep our eye on the year 2050 and 2100. How can we get there if we don’t know where we are going?

A 2 and 4 year political cycle doesn’t cut it in the new world of vision and technology. The new motto is “Go World!” Abraham Lincoln helped us remain one united economic force and congress worked with him to create the Pacific Railroad Act, The Homestead Act and Emancipation Proclamation in about 1861. We should be able to see 150 years ahead right now and envision the possibilities for America.

For now, election day is behind us. Thanks for voting.

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