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Advice from Ben Franklin…

Initially, the infrastructure needs to work.
Lights, sewers, garbage and water all matter first.

Then look at Transportation.
How do people get around?
What can they accomplish during their day?

Where can they relax, enjoy the arts and have a family life? That is your community foundation.
Work that economy locally.
Have integrity in your leaders, work together and check their work. Have a long term vision first, and help create the future.

What do you need to work with? Start with the real estate. Make room for the charity and good of the people to take care of the people.

Have a place for retirement and older Americans. Respect what they know and what they can still give back. Utilize your assets and let them pay for themselves. Keep taxes in check. Let the people have their values and their families.

Your social security system could own the Bonds that fund the Retirement of future generations.  They could help invest in America and reap rewards too, in the future.  We know somethings about creating lifestyle in America.

We don’t mind investing in America.  We just don’t want to throw away our money.  Let us help invest in our communities and help our schools, universities be part of our fabric of America.  Create the monorail around your community to help people get around and lead an active life full of opportunity.  We used to have villages, with feet, horse and wagons.  We moved at 3 to 5 miles an hour.  The world moves faster these days, and the world has gotten smaller!

Use what you have learned in the last 200 years to focus on the future and build the right future.  The foundation is already laid.  Let’s consider it the 2020 Initiative and build the new America!

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