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A Proud American

If you could stick together, as 87 Proud Patriotic Americans, committed to old fashion values, and not sell out for cash and power, would you?

We have that group right now in our new freshman congressmen.

We must return to the vision that Benjamin Franklin showed us when he gave away money to a university, to hold and manage for 100 years before they used it. He was brilliant, to show us compounding interest grows geometrically. But so does debt, and we all know that lesson now.

We all need to brush up on our history lessons. My son’s 8th grade school paper is a perfect start. The world actually runs at about a 10th grade level these days. Are you smarter than a 10th grader? America has invested in its EDUCATIONAL system.

JFK was brilliant to launch the space program because it fine tuned our focus and helped us apply ourselves as a group. The most incredible technology has come out of NASA and the space programs, and it has enriched our lives in SO many levels you would be amazed.

Let’s help the Gang of 87 do their job with public support for serious REFORM. Start with the mayor in the local town, and help the Chamber of Commerce create viable businesses without over regulation and complication. Let us be creative at the local level, and the state level using what we know about the welfare state se feel. The money is in the budget already, just being spent in inefficient ways.

As a planner, you see the future and work to create it. How can we come off the “oil” based forms of transportation we use? Can we use other means to create a efficient community and people mover? Can we use something as simple as a roller coaster to move people around? The UNIVERSITY system is an asset America has built. We need to grow around our educational system into vibrant local economies. We can make things here in America, and use them locally.

Retirement villages are needed for the time span of age 65 to 100. We know our people will live long, and they can be a part of society long past their prime. Let us. Build those communities around your existing infrastructure. Create and revitalize your downtown area and clean up the place.

Nurture the arts, and the artists. Creative people bring value to society and they always have. A vibrant community always includes the churches, the charities and the arts. Get back to basics.

We need the food banks and the soup kitchens but we also need the Camps to help rehabilitate people back into usefulness. When you fail financially and emotionally you may require help to get back on your feet.

The famous “Hoover Towns” of the 1930’s were evident when the money supply was too constrictive, and it didn’t flow in a free banking market. You must remove some of the regulatory challenges that were brought upon the Insurance and Banking industry, so that they work to help the people grow once again.

The solutions that the Gang of 87 can present to Congress should be the will of “We the People.”

If we hold Congress out to the FIDUCIARY standards they would see that they are working with Our Money, not their money.

We the People, in order to form a more perfect Union.
Not, We the Government are going to form more perfect people.

Let’s help the Gang of 87 stand firm, even if they don’t get reelected.

Let the old ways go buy up cheap real estate somewhere and retire.

If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.

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