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We the People need to speak up.

value-wheel-2009-500When did Congress stop looking out for “We the People?” When did they remove themselves from social security and build out their own retirement system? We still need 50 United States that come together with their different flavors and characters to make up the fabric of the United States of America. What made America great was the fact that anyone could rise up and do better. Work ethic was as important, and maybe even more than just your blood line.

Society is made up of many people and many groups, and our strength is in the variety. It’s only when we try to legislate “integrity” that we forget that values come from within. Character is taught by the family, and a lack of character is a problem.

No man really knows what he believes in until he begins to instruct and raise up his children. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything! The beauty of being a “parent” is taking the opportunity to be vulnerable and love someone more than yourself. You get to learn life all over again as you raise up your children and help them learn. That’s the real gift in life. Being a family.

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The Secret History of the Birth of the Nation

I found this the other day, and it reminded me why I was so passionate about 1976 and the bicentennial celebration. Everyone went back to the basics of our country, and learned their history again. Here was an article I found written by an attorney from York, PA. We need to remain 50 United States of America, not one big Federal State.

Mr. J. F. Rauhauser, Jr. Esq., President of the York County Bicentennial Commission, Inc. tells the story in his discourse, “The Secret History of the Birth of the Nation.”

“The facts are unassailable and the law irrefutable. In fact, and by law, the United States of America was created, – born, if you will – on November 15, 1777, in Yorktown, Pennsylvania. Not in Boston; nor even in Philadelphia. Not on July 4, 1776 by the Declaration of Independence; nor yet by the Constitutional Convention on September 17, 1787. But instead, the United States of America first came into being, as a sovereign independent nation, by action of the Continental Congress, duly convened in the colony of Pennsylvania, and in the town of York, which thus became the nation’s first capital.

It happened this way. Representatives of the thirteen colonies, sitting in the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia, received news that a great force under British General Howe was approaching that city. Bundling their public papers into guarded wagons, the representatives agreed, on September 18, 1777, to move to the town of Lancaster just east of the Susquehanna River. A brief entry in the Journals of the Continental Congress indicates some members of Congress did stop in Lancaster on September 27, but it was then quickly decided “to repair to the town of York, in Pennsylvania,” thus affording to the Congress the added protection of the broad expanses of that river. Congress thereafter convened in York from September 30, 1777 until June 27, 1778, when it returned to Philadelphia, only then evacuated by the British.

Among the Resolutions adopted by the Congress on July 2, 1776, before it left Philadelphia, was one which proposed that a plan for the permanent binding together or confederation of the 13 newly independent colonies should be prepared. John Dickinson of Pennsylvania, as Chairman, and delegates from each of the other colonies served the committee to carry out this resolve. A draft of the Articles of Confederation was shortly submitted to the delegates, but only limited consideration was given to the matter until it was taken up in almost daily debate after the Congress convened in York.

Then it was, on November 15, 1777 that the Articles of Confederation were officially adopted. Then it was that the participating colonies agreed ‘…hereby severally (to) enter into a firm league of friendship with each other, for …common defense, the security of …liberty and…mutual and general welfare…’

By Articles I it was established that “The stile of this confederacy shall be ‘The United States of America.’
Until that moment The United States of America did not exist.

True it is that the 13 colonies declared their separate independence from Great Britain on July 2, 1776 in Philadelphia, but in that same Declaration of Independence they solemnly declared themselves to be “free and independent states” with the right retained by each to do “all acts and things which independent states may of right do.” That Declaration did not create a union of any sort. It created 13 independent states.

True it is that each independent state or colony thereafter had to ratify the act of its authorized delegates in the adoption of the Articles of Confederation, but, by definition, the term ratification gives assent as of the time of the original event. The original event was the adoption of the Articles on November 15, 1777, in York, Pennsylvania, which created The United States of America.

True it is, also, that the present Constitution of the United States of America was adopted in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787, but its preamble states the purpose for its adoption to have been ‘to form a more perfect union,’ or, in other words, to improve on the union that therefore existed.

In brief, the United States of America was officially created on November 15, 1777 and thereafter, upon ratification, operated throughout the American Revolution under the Articles as its First Constitution. The experience gained under the first charter dictated the necessity of having a government with more centralized power. And although the delegates met in Philadelphia for the avowed purpose of improving, by amendment, The Articles of Confederation, they did in fact adopt an entirely new and second Constitution.
It is perhaps a little known, infrequently told, almost secret history. But it is true, – in fact and in law. It happened in Pennsylvania. In the Capital City of Yorktown. On November 15, 1777. Then and there The United States of America was born. (11)”

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The American Long Term View…

If “we the people” need to remind Congress what a long term view of America should look like, we can. It starts with families, and homes, communities and local economies. Our States each have a flavor and a specific style that makes it unique. America is a melting pot of many flavors and character. That’s a good thing.

Federal issues need to be the big things. Our Educational Institutions are an asset of our cities, states and country. We know that clean water and sanitation was key to health and wellness. We learned that a long time ago.

Out of NASA came everything good that made America great. All the space science brought us technology and useful things that help us on a daily basis. We are a creative bunch in America, and we work with critical thinking in a good way!

We built America on Freedom of Religion and freedom to own land and become someone! We were not a Monarchy, and we had a President, not a King.

If Congress was made up of Financial Planners with long range thinking, we would not be in the mess we find ourselves in. The fact no budget has been passed, and the fiscal cliff is looming makes our whole economy come to a slow down that was not necessary. Business owners have no confidence in the “bright men” we left in charge. We won’t hire more. Healthcare has put a huge ball and chain around the ankels of business. It is a weight we cannot believe. $1400 a month for a family of 4 is a huge number, even for the Affordable Care Act. I love preventive medicine and wellness, but Americans are too smart to let themselves go the way we have. Personal responsibility is still in order.

America felt safe until 9/11/2001 when they attacked us from within. We should have sealed our borders at that time and used all our technology to create safety once again.  We have been in Post Traumatic Syndrome since.

Spending all this money to try and fix things, and losing focus on the long term goal has not been good for America.  We must be reminded that Americans really put the kind in mankind, because have been good for the world with our kindness and leadership.  We need to all come together just now, with all our learning and knowledge to see another 200 years into the future with a positive faith that it can all continue.  It is our responsiblity as citizens to challenge our leaders.  They have let us down, and we need to acknowledge it.

The Values Wheel

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Obama Scare in one sentence…

I can’t be proud of a Congress that doesn’t read any law before they pass it.  The Senate and the House have a job to do for the American people.  They let us down in 2010 when they kicked the can further down the road on the Bush Tax Cuts.  The 12/31/2012 time frame looms in front of us, and again, Congress cannot get anything done.  I’m watching families fail on a daily basis, while congress waits until November.  The American People are not stupid.  Stop treating us like we are.

With all the technology we have now, why was the 2010 census less valuable for important data, than what I can get from an 1880’s census?  Because these days it’s all about voting, and districting, and redistricting.  Enough already.  We cannot afford the politics when good business practices abound.  We are a lot of smart people that follow on the footsteps of good people.  We can do this.

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The 2020 Initiative

Seeing out to 2020 should be clear. Transportation, and getting people around. Living without cars, using bikes, walking and mass transit are part of the future. But what does that look like?

Monorails and Airplanes work together to bring communities closer. Technology makes the big world smaller, and a local economy and its’ people matter.   A trip to Dallas/Fort Worth Airport will show you how well it is working!  That’s a beautiful use of technology and planning.  How can we use that some more?

The local Chamber of Commerce works together, with the Mayor and the downtown to create a local economy. Complete with jobs, lifestyle, community and character! Every State should have its’ own flavor! Lots of small economies. Not one big Federal one!

The Great Park should be where baby boomers retire in comfort, as we re-inspire and lead active lives, travel, and create a theme for the World, right here in Orange County. Education, wellness and fitness, in a business friendly environment with great food, culture and the arts!

We were promised the Jetsons! Let’s put this technology to work and jump right over $5 a gallon gasoline! The creative minds are here and we can do it!
Schools need to provide educations and teach kids critical thinking skills. Education is in, even when school is out!   The flavors of America are many, and together we make up a fabulous soup!  That is the gift we bring to the table.  Our diversity is a good thing.

Irvine is the melting pot of America. I’ve been here for 30 years and I’ve seen it firsthand, we are a more colorful bunch now! But our flavors are terrific, and the character of the community is enhanced by our differences and similarities as humankind.

Build it all along a great coastline, with nice weather and creative thinking people, we are living the American dream. 

Let’s see the future more clearly for the community, the state, the federal government and the world.  Go World!

It helps us see the future and that even on a penny are the words “In God we Trust.”

Let us all pick up a penny, and know that it truly is Gold.

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