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The American Long Term View…

If “we the people” need to remind Congress what a long term view of America should look like, we can. It starts with families, and homes, communities and local economies. Our States each have a flavor and a specific style that makes it unique. America is a melting pot of many flavors and character. That’s a good thing.

Federal issues need to be the big things. Our Educational Institutions are an asset of our cities, states and country. We know that clean water and sanitation was key to health and wellness. We learned that a long time ago.

Out of NASA came everything good that made America great. All the space science brought us technology and useful things that help us on a daily basis. We are a creative bunch in America, and we work with critical thinking in a good way!

We built America on Freedom of Religion and freedom to own land and become someone! We were not a Monarchy, and we had a President, not a King.

If Congress was made up of Financial Planners with long range thinking, we would not be in the mess we find ourselves in. The fact no budget has been passed, and the fiscal cliff is looming makes our whole economy come to a slow down that was not necessary. Business owners have no confidence in the “bright men” we left in charge. We won’t hire more. Healthcare has put a huge ball and chain around the ankels of business. It is a weight we cannot believe. $1400 a month for a family of 4 is a huge number, even for the Affordable Care Act. I love preventive medicine and wellness, but Americans are too smart to let themselves go the way we have. Personal responsibility is still in order.

America felt safe until 9/11/2001 when they attacked us from within. We should have sealed our borders at that time and used all our technology to create safety once again.  We have been in Post Traumatic Syndrome since.

Spending all this money to try and fix things, and losing focus on the long term goal has not been good for America.  We must be reminded that Americans really put the kind in mankind, because have been good for the world with our kindness and leadership.  We need to all come together just now, with all our learning and knowledge to see another 200 years into the future with a positive faith that it can all continue.  It is our responsiblity as citizens to challenge our leaders.  They have let us down, and we need to acknowledge it.

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