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The 2020 Initiative

Seeing out to 2020 should be clear. Transportation, and getting people around. Living without cars, using bikes, walking and mass transit are part of the future. But what does that look like?

Monorails and Airplanes work together to bring communities closer. Technology makes the big world smaller, and a local economy and its’ people matter.   A trip to Dallas/Fort Worth Airport will show you how well it is working!  That’s a beautiful use of technology and planning.  How can we use that some more?

The local Chamber of Commerce works together, with the Mayor and the downtown to create a local economy. Complete with jobs, lifestyle, community and character! Every State should have its’ own flavor! Lots of small economies. Not one big Federal one!

The Great Park should be where baby boomers retire in comfort, as we re-inspire and lead active lives, travel, and create a theme for the World, right here in Orange County. Education, wellness and fitness, in a business friendly environment with great food, culture and the arts!

We were promised the Jetsons! Let’s put this technology to work and jump right over $5 a gallon gasoline! The creative minds are here and we can do it!
Schools need to provide educations and teach kids critical thinking skills. Education is in, even when school is out!   The flavors of America are many, and together we make up a fabulous soup!  That is the gift we bring to the table.  Our diversity is a good thing.

Irvine is the melting pot of America. I’ve been here for 30 years and I’ve seen it firsthand, we are a more colorful bunch now! But our flavors are terrific, and the character of the community is enhanced by our differences and similarities as humankind.

Build it all along a great coastline, with nice weather and creative thinking people, we are living the American dream. 

Let’s see the future more clearly for the community, the state, the federal government and the world.  Go World!

It helps us see the future and that even on a penny are the words “In God we Trust.”

Let us all pick up a penny, and know that it truly is Gold.

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