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The bigger problem…

The goal is to spend the golden egg, and not slaughter the goose.  It truly is the goal to have a pot of money growing at a rate faster than the income you are drawing off of it, especially if  you hope to have leftovers to leave behind to future generations.  The “endowment” lessons we learned from Benjamin Franklin when he left money in trust to grow for a 100 years before it was used, gave the university entrusted with the money a valuable opportunity to learn about money.  He was a talented teacher.  Compounding interest and geometric growth is […]

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Let’s do it again.

California was built around land and transportation.  We had the population and we had communication.  We were grown from the Spanish Land Grants and our conquests.  Monterey history of 1847 is incredibly fabulous, and every one in this State should know it.  The Spanish values were of land holdings and live stock .  The English and American values favored business, currency and stock. As the State of California we wanted to flourish here together, with the American Values of freedom of speech, religious beliefs, education with separation of church and state.  The BIG FOUR of Sacramento helped receive the TransContinental

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Mom could fix this!

Okay! I just figured out what we need to do to fix this mess we are in. I stand by my advice I gave in October 2008 when I wrote the Teddy Roosevelt article and posted it at http://allamericanmom.org/civics/teddy-roosevelt/ Congress needs to go home, get in touch with their state and come back the middle of January for the New Go World model.  The real solution is found at local levels with Mayors, Communities and local economies.   We hit the top in 2000. America had done a good job building the democracy we desired. People could own land here. The

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We need lots of little economies, not one big federal one!

Your local community or municipality should be able to function profitably. Integrity and character matter in our leaders, and they should be accountable for the decisions they make. Especially if they are a public servant. We can’t have “retirement plans” that are so rich that they break the bank. Especially if “We the People” are the bank! It’s helpful when retirement funds own retirement communities. Leisure World concepts work really well, especially with the continuum of aging. The schools and educational system are an asset of your community. Those assets can help shore up the financials of the community and

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Benjamin Franklin’s take on all this…

I just celebrated my 304th birthday, and I think back now to our intent so long ago. Do you know I was the youngest of 17 children in that big colonial family!  We have come a long way my friend.  We wanted freedom to acquire knowledge, get an education, own land, and to have a democracy, not a monarchy. Thank goodness we found such wisdom in George Washington that he knew to be President of the United States, and not a King! This was what we were about. Better ideas, more entrepreneurial spirit. Taxes should help keep the infrastructure together,

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Teddy Roosevelts perspective

1900 A perspective in our American history will remind you that Teddy Roosevelt had to work hard to real in many industries that were out of control, and focus on being a “trust buster.”  He focused on immigration, and having everyone meld together speaking one language.  It was about creating opportunities and jobs so people could take care of their own.  He saw the future and helped hold on to the lands with our National Parks.  With his vision for the year 2000, he could see America.  We need to be able to see the vision of 2100.

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