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Family, Community and Your Neighborhood

It’s a New Year in America, and we need to look ahead. A long ways ahead, and then it helps us know what to do today.

Everyone agrees that in America, pursuit of Happiness is the right of the individual. Your dad didn’t have to be a King or other Monarch for you to rise to the top in America. Anything was possible, even the impossible!

Your family values were backed up by your family integrity, and your grandparents helped you understand who you were. You had shame and humiliation to help back up those family values. If you couldn’t tell Grandma what you were doing, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it! We could self police our behavior because we had family values.

Your DNA and your good name meant a lot!

Life centers around We The People

Abe Lincoln wanted us to be the United States of America to promote economic success between the states, and together, as a Country, we could help lead the World. They created a federal currency to help all the states play on an even field. We grew from the Pony Express to the Telegraph and the Rail Road in a relatively quick time frame. Communication and Transportation were key to our success then, and still today!

Today, we have 50 states, and a few more territories that help make up America. We need to have the different flavors and colors that each state provides. We don’t need one big Federal System. We need to work together, with integrity and character, for the good of the whole.

If you want to see growth, then we need to increase capacity. Velocity of money is when the money keeps moving around. You can’t just “not spend” your way out of a financial slump. Everyone needs to keep money flowing through the system, and they tax the heck out of it as it moves around. That’s what creates the healthy economy in the first place.

Let’s not forget that the FAMILY is the center of our success locally and nationally. Your character matters, and we expect integrity and honesty in our citizens. It’s part of our values, that say your rights are not more important than my rights. We’re all on an equal footing in America.

So let’s work together, to make it Nifty in 2050! Every State can build on their strengths, and with all of us working together, our national economy will nurture and grow, and so will our state economy and our local economy. Because in the end, family, community and your neighborhood matter a great deal. That is the best investment we can make in America. Kindness and knowledge have made us great.


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