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Benjamin Franklin’s take on all this…

I just celebrated my 304th birthday, and I think back now to our intent so long ago. Do you know I was the youngest of 17 children in that big colonial family!  We have come a long way my friend.  We wanted freedom to acquire knowledge, get an education, own land, and to have a democracy, not a monarchy. Thank goodness we found such wisdom in George Washington that he knew to be President of the United States, and not a King! This was what we were about. Better ideas, more entrepreneurial spirit. Taxes should help keep the infrastructure together, it is true.

Why I had to campaign for cleaner streets, and sewer systems, and clean water! These were the things that society required to flourish! And to think I could even help find electricity for mankind. I gave you all the lightening rod as a gift to society. That’s right. I didn’t patent it because it was knowledge every man should have. It was not God that burnt your house down on purpose, as though you deserved it! I had the cure for that with a simple grounding provided by the lightening rod. You are welcome. Judgement can be a very bad thing, and when we sit in judgement we must be willing to look at it.

 You must stand for something or you will fall for anything! Family values, and the right to be a family in America, this was our gift to you. The right to pursue happiness. We felt it was important for mankind.  I still feel like the Great Great Grandfather to America!  We need to remain true to the States and local governments.  Let them run well, with a flavor for their state and local communities.  Let us root out corruption, and remind everyone that character and integrity do matter.  We demand a civil code to society, and we built in freedoms for our people.  We even call them rights.  But they are contingent on acceptable social behavior!

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