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Ideas to help mom succeed with the family life

The 2020 Initiative

Seeing out to 2020 should be clear. Transportation, and getting people around. Living without cars, using bikes, walking and mass transit are part of the future. But what does that look like? Monorails and Airplanes work together to bring communities closer. Technology makes the big world smaller, and a local economy and its’ people matter.   A trip to Dallas/Fort Worth Airport will show you how well it is working!  That’s a beautiful use of technology and planning.  How can we use that some more? The local Chamber of Commerce works together, with the Mayor and the downtown to create a […]

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Now all is well…

The message of “Noel” is here today. “Now all is well” is the meaning of hope that the first Noel brought 2010 years ago. As we celebrate this Noel, we try to have hope and peace to share with our own children and the world. After a week in the mountains and snow of Park City, UT with our two teenage sons we are truly thankful. We enjoyed their company, and they enjoyed their parents. We brought the season of Christmas with us and made this time together special. We know they will grow up and leave home, but for

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Is your congressman a “fiduciary?”

One of the things a mother learns to do is advocate for others.  As we raise up our babies we look out for their best interests.  We encourage their success and nurture their way.  We must learn to transfer the power from us as parents to them as children, and raise them up to be independent and confident.  That’s our job. We do this in a fiduciary capacity.  That is a person who is under an obligation to act in another’s interest to the exclusion of the fiduciary’s own interest.   We  owe to another the highest duty of care, good faith, trust,

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You go Girl!

I loved this story coming from a British sister, who understands what the new global community looks like.   I think you’ll enjoy her too.  In America we are trying to be so politically correct that we won’t profile.  It feels to me like you’re only using half the information we have available when you don’t profile!  That was the downfall of the system when we found out the different departments of the government and safety groups weren’t talking to one another.  That’s not a good use of our technology and what we are capable of.  We should be able to

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Under the heading of “Go World!”

The world actually is centered around “the family.” It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, your family is what matters. My grandfather was not politically correct, but you knew how he felt. Those were his prejudices and preconceived notions. You knew where he stood on issues and life. They were our family values.   He and grandma were the head of the family, and the large gatherings and Christmas dinner was filled with cousins and good times.  We loved to visit their nice home and participate in their lives.  Those are the memories of our childhood, and we created

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The 28th Amendment…

When our founding fathers predicted that the downfall of our Democracy in America would be that government would become too large…they foresaw the future. The very nature of the system would encourage Government and Military growth and challenge the financial viability of the very system they were building. They weren’t sure how to protect from that, but they did see that it would be the product of their work early on. But what the heck, let’s take the chance, and create America as a free nation, with citizen rights, family opportunity and the chance to own land and even build

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Do “we the people” have common sense?

We need “Mom” making the decisions. Left in the hands of all the men, they have made a real mess of things!! Let me get this straight . . . . We’re going to be “gifted” with a health care plan we are forced to purchase and fined if we don’t, Which purportedly covers at least ten million more people, without adding a single new doctor, but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents, written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a Congress that didn’t read it but exempted themselves from it, and signed by

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An election hangover…

It amazed me to listen to the commentators call elections with only 27% of the votes counted. Do we really need the tally before it is done? Are we that impatient as a whole? “They” start to call the race before it is done, and hope the opponent will conceded. I don’t think so. Newspapers and writers have always carried weight and influence. Mark Twain proved the point for me with all his writings, reportings, observations and travels. Even the 1937 law surrounding hemp, and what good newspaper it made, allowed old man William Randolph Hearst to take a stand

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I voted today…

It is a relief to mail in my absentee ballot and feel empowered. I voted today. I took the time to understand the issues, and I participated. I celebrated the 90th Anniversary of the Womens Suffrage movement this year. The 19th Amendment was added to our Constitution allowing citizens a right to vote regardless of their sex. Now women can vote too. We must be part of the solution. No one knows better than Mom, how a home should run. It’s the foundation of life; family. Mom and her happiness matter to the family. I helped represent my children today,

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