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The All American Mom is about women taking a place in the home and the world.  She was my grandmother, and my mother, and my sister, and all the women who touched my life and showed me how to do things, and taught me stuff that I needed to learn.  They held the knowledge, wisdom and insight and kept life working. 

I think in the end, it really was all about sex!  If your parents had never had it, you wouldn’t be here.  Without birth control, we really couldn’t be prochoice.  That changed with the pill, and our ability to control our cycles.  We were empowered in new ways.  We exploited our sexuality as we looked for opportunity, and we took advantage of our bodies.  Our new empowerment came with a price and an attitude.  We just can’t forget that really important lessons that mom knew.

  1. #1 by Melissa Jones on September 7, 2010 - 5:27 pm

    We need to be able to feel safe about money long term. Let’s build some real estate communities for Old Baby Boomers and make getting old fun again. There are lots of little communities in middle America that would love to have you! Find your mid western roots and Rock and Roll too! Make music in your retirement. Don’t retire, reinspire!

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