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Leadership in Congress

Willing to Thrive in 2025!

It isn’t enough to just get by in America. This is where a family can grow and thrive, and benefit from the kindness that America brings to the dinner table. With VELOCITY of money, the economy thrives because money keeps moving through the local economy. You can’t “not spend” your way out of a recession. We all must support the local business in town, if you want it to be there for you. America is where the focus is on the family, values, and integrity to keep the system running. Our local government needs to have integrity and character to […]

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We the People need to speak up.

When did Congress stop looking out for “We the People?” When did they remove themselves from social security and build out their own retirement system? We still need 50 United States that come together with their different flavors and characters to make up the fabric of the United States of America. What made America great was the fact that anyone could rise up and do better. Work ethic was as important, and maybe even more than just your blood line. Society is made up of many people and many groups, and our strength is in the variety. It’s only when

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Why we didn’t need Obamacare.

In 1996 we had Kennedy-Kassebaum which was intended to fix the health care problem. It gave self employed the Medical Savings Account, a forerunner to the newer Health Savings Account. “They” were paranoid too many self employed would take advantage of this new tool, so they capped the number at 700,000 eligible participants in the country. We never got near that much participation initially and they have tinkered with it ever since. There are so many rules and regulations that continue to bog down “the system” and make it so honest men can’t comply. Kennedy-Kassebaum Law Means Greater Fraud Scrutiny

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A Proud American

If you could stick together, as 87 Proud Patriotic Americans, committed to old fashion values, and not sell out for cash and power, would you? We have that group right now in our new freshman congressmen. We must return to the vision that Benjamin Franklin showed us when he gave away money to a university, to hold and manage for 100 years before they used it. He was brilliant, to show us compounding interest grows geometrically. But so does debt, and we all know that lesson now. We all need to brush up on our history lessons. My son’s 8th

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The 2020 Initiative

Seeing out to 2020 should be clear. Transportation, and getting people around. Living without cars, using bikes, walking and mass transit are part of the future. But what does that look like? Monorails and Airplanes work together to bring communities closer. Technology makes the big world smaller, and a local economy and its’ people matter.   A trip to Dallas/Fort Worth Airport will show you how well it is working!  That’s a beautiful use of technology and planning.  How can we use that some more? The local Chamber of Commerce works together, with the Mayor and the downtown to create a

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Is your congressman a “fiduciary?”

One of the things a mother learns to do is advocate for others.  As we raise up our babies we look out for their best interests.  We encourage their success and nurture their way.  We must learn to transfer the power from us as parents to them as children, and raise them up to be independent and confident.  That’s our job. We do this in a fiduciary capacity.  That is a person who is under an obligation to act in another’s interest to the exclusion of the fiduciary’s own interest.   We  owe to another the highest duty of care, good faith, trust,

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