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Beginning again in 2010

We look back and wonder how it can be 2010 already.  Wasn’t Y2K just a while ago?  It all worked out just fine, why is it so much harder now?  It’s been a fast decade.  But we must be Willing to Thrive in 2025!  We can’t stop now.  We will live a long time, and it’s amazing to know that you have another 30, 40 and 50 years.  You can’t quit now!

As mothers, we must have hope in the future.  We can’t be scared all the time.  We’re always afraid of the bully, and being picked on, or being told what to do.  Yet as a culture we love to tell others what to do and what to think.  We appear to be bullies ourselves.

We need to nurture locally, and encourage the local economy.  Every community should have a 2nd Harvest Foodbank, with gardens, soup kitchens and rehabilitation facilities.  More people have fallen in this last recession, and more resources are needed to bring them back above board.  We need jobs, and job training, and job creation.  We need to put America back to work again being creative.

In Orange County we have a dense population in a small amount of space.  The GREAT PARK is an opportunity to really build something for Orange County to invest in for another 100 years.  We need a monorail, and a carless based system that would allow the lifestyle we have come to love and expect living in Southern California.

We need to be willing to be creative and generous and help nurture the world forward and keep it moving.  A Go World theme lends encouragement instead of fear.  We all need to work together to nurture and take care of Mother Earth.  It’s only too evident that an oil based economy isn’t good for her.  Our oceans are precious and priceless.

We need to stay in the game and look forward many decades and make good choices.  Then we can work backwards to what we need to do to day.  Helping people survive financially, and thrive financially, and even finding the power in giving the wealth away…that is the American way!  We have always been a good, kind people.  We are a Christian nation, and we were founded under Godly principles.

States need to be able to run their state, and Governors need to be able to govern.  The Federal Government should have very specific pieces they bring to the game.  We can make our communities profitable and our states solvent by being good business people with more common sense that we have used of late.  Let’s take a look at what we agree on, and work towards the good.

There is no reason any farm should not be able to make a profit in this country.  We have the resources and the knowledge.  If anything we should be helping the farmers grow their farm, hire more labor, be more productive and put out a better product.  Grow the farm labor community and help them take care of their own.  The best way to address the illegal immigration issue is to acknowledge it, and embrace it, so we can work with it.  The American dream was always built around the family, and the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

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