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Willing to Thrive in 2025!


It isn’t enough to just get by in America. This is where a family can grow and thrive, and benefit from the kindness that America brings to the dinner table.

With VELOCITY of money, the economy thrives because money keeps moving through the local economy. You can’t “not spend” your way out of a recession. We all must support the local business in town, if you want it to be there for you.
America is where the focus is on the family, values, and integrity to keep the system running. Our local government needs to have integrity and character to help the local needs. There shouldn’t be a “homeless problem” when every Mayor and every Governor takes an interest in the people in their city or state.
If you want America to be great again, then reduce the red tape and regulations that make it too expensive to be in business, and too complicated for the small business owner to be successful. Congress shouldn’t just be about full employment for accountants and attorneys.
When they write so many laws that even honest men can’t follow them, it’s a problem. Let’s focus on how we CAN get things done. Not all the ways we CAN’T get it done.
Americans are kind people. We are generous people. Our freedoms in America have helped make us the good people we are in the world. Women are key in running the show, and we focus on children and the family. We can spread that good will around the world as we share democracy and kindness.


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