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The American Dream

Planned Giving Summer Thoughts

“In matters of fashion, sway with the times, but in matters of principles we must stand fast.” If you are lucky enough to have Pioneer DNA, then you come from hearty stock. The weak ones never started the journey, and many of the strong ones didn’t make it either due to a variety of circumstances. Are you lucky enough to be able to trace your line back to the Pioneers? Do you feel like you have a better feeling for life in the 1850’s because of the work you’ve done studying history? We saw transportation and communication change the world […]

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A Sweet 2016!

16 years ago, we were worried that all the computer programs with a two digit date field might crash as we entered the year 2000. We called it Y2K, and it was a strategy across America to fix the glitches in any and all systems, so we would glide into the new Century with style. We were all a little anxious, but we sailed into the New Year with barely a bobble. Americans love a challenge, to pull together for the common good of our community, our teams, and our States! We are 50 United States, and some territories too,

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Willing to Thrive in 2025!

AMERICA represented dreams and opportunity, where a man and a woman could succeed together, regardless of who their parents were. Prejudice existed, but it was set aside as capitalism and opportunity abounded. We connected the country with States, each with a Governor and a set of values and beliefs. We overcame slavery, and empowered every man and woman with the right to vote, and have representation. Our brave fore fathers laid a foundation upon which we built. Not a Monarchy with a King, but a democracy, with a President, and three branches of power, to help balance the power. Federal

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