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A fabulous use of technology for a community…

When we were growing up, the ability to “get around” provided the freedom in life. It was transportation. The ability to get around beyond your own feet! It quickly moved from horse, to wagon and train. In Pasadena, CA Henry Huntington brought us the Pacific Electric streetcar in the 1930’s that revolutionized Southern California. Our last visit through Dallas airport gave us a chance to ride the SkyLink. It was such a great use of transportation and a way to link a community. I wanted to share photos so you could envision the future with me! Our Universities and educational

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Advice from Ben Franklin…

Initially, the infrastructure needs to work. Lights, sewers, garbage and water all matter first. Then look at Transportation. How do people get around? What can they accomplish during their day? Where can they relax, enjoy the arts and have a family life? That is your community foundation. Work that economy locally. Have integrity in your leaders, work together and check their work. Have a long term vision first, and help create the future. What do you need to work with? Start with the real estate. Make room for the charity and good of the people to take care of the

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Mom could fix this!

Okay! I just figured out what we need to do to fix this mess we are in. I stand by my advice I gave in October 2008 when I wrote the Teddy Roosevelt article and posted it at http://allamericanmom.org/civics/teddy-roosevelt/ Congress needs to go home, get in touch with their state and come back the middle of January for the New Go World model.  The real solution is found at local levels with Mayors, Communities and local economies.   We hit the top in 2000. America had done a good job building the democracy we desired. People could own land here. The

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